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Quantum Break Dev Starts Futurefly, a Mobile Games and Apps Studio

If you know Alan Wake and Quantum Break you would definitely know about Remedy Entertainment. One of the veteran game developers who has been with the studio through their recent acclaim, Oskari Häkkinen aka Ozz has jumped ship and started a game development studio of his own.

Häkkinen has been the head of franchise development at Remedy Entertainment which is the development studio behind Quantum Break and his new studio, named Futurefly, is going to focus primarily on mobile games and apps – guess that is what Häkkinen got the most out of at Remedy!

Futurefly is headquartered in Helsinki where Ozz has teamed up with nine other developers that collectively have names like Remedy, Grey Area, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, User Intelligence and Sulake on their resumes.

Häkkinen, now the chief product officer says it all formed out of a “garage band” of developers:

In early 2014 I came up with a concept that I simply couldn’t let go of and ended up putting together a garage band of developers to bring it to life, working on it in our free time. Things started to develop and click together and since then a lot has happened. We got funding and started out on this new exciting adventure, entering the world of startups.

He referred to their first project and without disclosing what it was, insisted that it was better that they show it to us rather than talk about it as it was a “different take” on things.

Apparently, the Quantum Break developer wishes to “disrupt the consumer app space” with the games and apps that Futurefly is working on.

They will be showing off their first project “soon.”