Fallout 4 Nuclear Edition Poster by GAME is Fake

Nuclear Winter came and went, and since then many winters have passed by. However, one thing has remained constant and that is the elaborate inflow of hoaxes surrounding the seemingly forever in-demand Fallout 4.

Sometimes I think Bethesda is sort of overdoing it, but then again may be it is just pranksters like this Jesse (elaboration later) that are making it sound like that.

What happened was that someone put up a short video on YouTube which shows an alleged GAME outlet owner opening up a parcel received from the retailer. The parcel has what are purported to be Fallout 4 Nuclear Edition poster which also state clearly that the game will be out on November 13, 2015.

The video description reads:

We received these posters today in my store. We are not allowed to display them until June 15th. Fallout 4 Nuclear Edition is going to retail for £69.99 here in UK.

And we get it, it would have been awesome if Bethesda was making up for the long wait by being quick about announcing the game at E3 2015 and releasing it as soon as November this year; but why on earth would they do that?

The question that why they would be so quick about it made me investigate and I have come to the conclusion that the posters in question are FAKE.

Here’s why: Firstly, that font in which the name of the game is written totally lacks character – nothing to relate it with the series, no design and no art work. In fact, the whole poster lacks artwork.

Moving on, while developing such a big AAA title, the developers would not be okay with just five months between announcement and release of the game.

Next, the guy who made the video also stops to clearly show his shop address in the video. If he is doing something he isn’t allowed to do, why would he risk his job by showing the address to the whole world?

Fallout 4 Nuclear Edition Hoax

Now the last nail in the coffin. If you take a closer look at the posters – especially the text at the end of it – you will question me no more. While it is highly obscured for a video, the text reads that this is another hoax by “Jesse.”