Until Dawn Releases On Aug 25; Launch Trailer Shared by Supermassive Games

It appears that the June 24 release date that was accidentally listed by Amazon for Until Dawn was off by just two months and one day. The official release date of the game has been revealed by the developers and it is August 25.

Do differentiate that it is the North American regions that will get it on that date, European Union is expected to get the game on August 26 and this will be followed by a separate release for UK and Ireland on August 28.

All this was shared by Pete Samuels, the Executive Producer at Supermassive Games on the official PlayStation US Blog alongside a trailer.

It starts off setting the tone with a gloomy cottage where the four friends are but then things suddenly take a new turn it goes from gloomy to eerie and from there to straight out panic. You see people getting dragged, you see fear, anxiety and you feel the presence all around you. It ends with a classic tag line:

Only your choices determine who survives… Until Dawn.

Check out the launch trailer above and tell us if it adds to the reasons why you will want to own Until Dawn or not.