Battlefield: Hardline Gets New Trailer For Criminal Activity DLC

Battlefield: Hardline has received a new trailer for its upcoming first expansion pack, Criminal Activity.

The trailer is brief but does well in portraying the excitement players will experience when indulging themselves in these new destructible maps. You can also catch glimpses of some of the new weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, Criminal Activity will be sporting.

The DLC is going to be introducing four new multiplayer maps, along with four new weapons, a new gadget, two attachments, two vehicles, a new game mode, and six awesome masks. Criminal Activity is going to release sometime this June, with Premium members getting access two weeks early.

One of the maps, called Backwoods, is located in the Pacific Northwest amongst the redwoods and an old logging operation that since then has been abandoned for a drug production facility. There are going to be various “hills, gullies, and rock formations to hide in,” and a bridge connecting both sides of the map can be destroyed to trap in players.

Visceral Games should be delivering the meaty details for the expansion pack either this week or the next.