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Arena Mode Announced For Evolve

An Arena Mode is heading towards the asymmetrical cooperative shooter Evolve, 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have announced. The idea is to shorten the gameplay experience by removing the hunting/tracking module and instead making it “just about the fighting.”

Speaking during a livestream on Twitch, studio founder Chris Ashton explained that Arena is “a straight-up brawl.” Four hunters and a monster are going to be dropped into a dome where they must fight for survival. The monster will be evolved to Stage 2 by default with 50 percent armor, and can feed on wildlife during the battle to regain armor and even evolve into Stage 3. However, with the size of the dome, evolving to Stage 3 is going to be a challenge.

There are no second chances, and the match is over once a hunter or monster goes down. For hunters, there are no dropship timers, and you’ll have to sit it out until the next fight can begin. On that note, once a brawl has been completed, the players will then shift to another dome on the same map (chosen before a match).

According to Turtle Rock Studios, one match can last about six minutes at most. There are going to be 70 domes available across all fourteen multiplayer maps of Evolve.

Arena will be released for Evolve on all platforms later today, as part of a free update. The developer hopes it will be useful in increasing its player-base which has been steadily dropping in the past months.

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