Star Wars Battlefront: New Screenshot, BF4 Experience, Developer Fears

With EA DICE reiterating that Star Wars Battlefront is a reboot and not a continuation, them missing space battles, and the recent experiences fans have had with Battlefield 4, the levels of skepticism regarding the titles are much higher than what they should usually be.

However, the developers are continually trying to reclaim the faith of Star Wars community – which, to be honest, is a bunch that would be hard to please for two reasons: they are gamers and it is Star Wars we are talking about!

That being said, some new details have surfaced regarding the game alongside a new screenshot thanks to a feature in a Swedish magazine. See if there is going to be another heated debate.

As far as the screenshot is concerned, it features the Sullust planet from the multiplayer maps with two Imperial Star Destroyers flying close to the ground – check it out below.

Moving on, playable female characters have been confirmed. Rest of the details are regarding how DICE is working with the development of Star Wars Battlefront.

For instance, according to the translations, “DICE traveled to Skywalker ranch to document everything as early as winter 2012,” suggesting the game has a complete three year development period. One of the more important points here, was about their Battlefield 4 experience:

DICE says that they’re making use of their battlefield experience in battlefront, but at the same time battlefront has to have unique traits and be its own game or else it would be insulting to star wars fans. Compared to Battlefield, Battlefront is “nicer” and more aimed towards teens and younger audience. The different Multiplayer modes has to be easy to understand but at the same time have great depth.

The developer also added that they were excited as well as scared about of upsetting the fans.

Star Wars Battlefront

Do you think they will eventually be able to satisfy the fans of Star Wars Battlefront?