48GB of Star Citizen Assets Leaked; Bengal Carrier Footage Inside

Star Citizen currently has funding worth more than 83 million dollars ($83,107,574 to be exact) from 899,016 backers. The size of this should be evaluated by comparing it to the original crowdfunding goal that Cloud Imperium Games had put up i.e. $2,000,000 in order to understand how huge this game has become.

However, all those millions of dollars were not able to save the game from a massive blow that has recently leaked approximately 48GB worth of in-game assets!

The most interesting part is that the data was leaked after a community manager mistakenly slipped an incomplete URL while posting a screenshot online.

Some one took that partial URL and guessed (yes, guessed) the rest of it to get his hands on the biggest leak for the game so far.

There is a lot in it, but most of it is just assets with different versions that have to be rendered by someone in order to get something worth showing to the people.

One major thing that the guy has been able to pull of is the Bengal Carrier that is to be featured in Star Citizen.

The ship, as you can see in the video compiled by the same guy (using leaked assets), is gigantic. It is supposedly going to need about a dozen of players to run it and might take in around 50 players to the battlefield all at once.

Just the expanse of this thing tells you how colossal the world of Star Citizen is going to be.