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2K Games is Teasing “Advent,” a Futuristic Dystopian Title

A series of tweets from 2K Games today have begun teasing a new upcoming AAA game, which could possibly be named “Advent.”

At the moment, the developer isn’t divulging any information about its new project, and is instead directing everyone to an alternate reality website called AdventFuture.

The site is set up as a marketing page for the Advent organization which supposedly is working to help a futuristic dystopian world. “The ADVENT Administration strives to create a world free from hunger, pain, sickness, and war,” reads the site’s content. “We believe in a global community of happy and comfortable citizens.”

However, there’s a different side of the story in here. As your browse the site, the text keeps on changing to convey a different message about the shady side of Advent. “The ADVENT is lying to you,” reads at one point. “Millions have gone missing the ADVENT way,” reads another.

2K Games’ new offering looks to boast elements of hacking and genetic experimentation, imbued in a “gleaming” setting that we can hope to be open world. A couple of concept work was also posted by the official Twitter account of 2K Games.

Advent - Concept 01

Advent - Concept 02

Advent is possibly the same unannounced title that parent company Take-Two Interactive mentioned during its latest financial conference call, and which was suggested for a release by March 2016.