User Claims to Achieve 330% DirectX 12 Boost in Draw Calls on GTX 670

Microsoft has for long kept us on the edge of our seats with the promising performance gains its new DirectX 12 API would be bringing. The company’s new graphics API is said to bestow a significant amount of improvement over even aging hardware and thus, help lead the videos games industry into a new era.

The technology is set to roll out with the release of Windows 10 later this summer. Microsoft, however, has just pushed it with the latest Windows 10 preview build.

Over on Reddit, a user has been playing with the new preview build to determine the capabilities of DirectX 12 and his findings are astonishing. His test rig sported a three-year old Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 card and an Intel Core i& 2600K processor.

According to the user, the benchmarks he pulled with DirectX 12 showed a 330 percent gain in draw call throughput. With DirectX 11, the draw call count was 1,515,965. However, when switching to the newer API, the number of draw calls raised to 8,562,158, which is a major boost in total performance.

“All it’s doing is increasing the number of draw calls by increasing scene complexity,” he explained the process. “It just keeps going until the framerate drops to 30, then notes the calls/sec and bails. Since it’s only issuing calls for primitives (apparently anyways) it’s actually giving you a solid idea of how raw output is limited by the number of draw calls that can be dispatched.”

DirectX 12 is also heading for the Xbox One console later in the year. Commenting about the possible gains for the console, the user said: “The problem there is the Xbone is hideously GPU bound and while multithreaded performance SHOULD be good, the CPU is operating at a painfully slow clock rate.”

via WCCFTech