StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void – Upcoming Beta Balance Patch Revealed

In a new blog post about balancing changes for StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void, Blizzard revealed a new addition to the Starport. The Liberator is an anti-aircraft unit with significant splash damage that can target a specific ground location to deal high single-target damage to enemy units in that location.

The Starport is now split into Mech air and ground upgrades, bringing more specific choices in unit composition and strategies in Terran matchups. All three races have undergone a cleanup of respective subgroup priorities for their respective structures, the Geyser amount has been increased to 2000, and the missile turret build requirement has been changed back to engineering bay.

The Tunneling Claws upgrade has been brought back for Burrows, and Blizzard has ultimately decided on sticking with the speed buff for Roaches. “We feel that the strategic choice this upgrade provides as an investment option on Roaches is cool, thus factoring in to the decision to revert this nerf from the two changes we did in this area,” explained the developer.

As for the Swarm host, Blizzard is keeping an eye on things and will decide in future patches whether their numbers need changing.

Finally, Blizzard reminded players that none of the changes are final. Everyone is requested to drop in their opinions and feedback about the proposed balances, and help make the beta better.

Source Blizzard