Splatoon Forces You To Sing Along With New Trailer

The latest trailer released for Splatoon features a full-length theme song that is so awesome that I wouldn’t even mind having it as an official in-game soundtrack.

The song is synced with almost three minutes of gameplay footage, showcasing different maps, weapons, and the players splattering ink on just about everything in their field-of-view.

Nintendo’s online cooperative shooter began rolling out demos a couple of weeks back. Dubbed the Splatoon Global Testfire, the first three sessions went flawless. However, the fourth – the recent one – left players with a frown.

Shortly after going live, the hour-long online demo began kicking most players out of matches and leaving the rest in a never-ending matchmaking queue. Nintendo later revealed that the servers had crashed completely, and that the developer would be making sure such an event is not repeated when the game launches this week on May 28 worldwide.

In related news, it humorously came to light in an interview that Nintendo already had played with Splatoon’s ink-gun concept with an earlier Mario game. Developer Hisashi Nogami, however, had completely forgotten about how Super Mario Sunshine utilized the same functions, until late in the development process.

“Over ten years ago, we had a game called Super Mario Sunshine. A unique element of the game was using a pump to spray water. Did this game come to mind?” asked Satoru Iwata.

“We only remembered it later on. Like, “Oh yeah, there was a water gun in Super Mario Sunshine.” As Nintendo employees, that’s pretty embarrassing,” admitted Hisashi Nogami.

Splatoon is going to be released exclusively for the Wii U.