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Destiny House of Wolves Ghosts Locations Guide

One of Destiny’s well-known collectibles comes in the form of Dead Ghosts, which can be collected around to boost your Grimoire Score and acquire Grimoire Cards.

Destiny House of Wolves Ghosts Locations

Destiny’s House of Wolves comes with nine new Ghosts that can be found across different areas in the game. This guide will help you find all of them.

Cosmodrome, Earth

Ghost #1
During the Silent Fang mission, head to Cosmodrome. You’ll come across the area that you witnessed when you first started off Destiny.

Head through the tunnel till you come to the destroyed cars, and immediately turn around after exiting the tunnel. Jump up on the platform and head all the way to the right to look into the broken window to find your first Ghost here.

Ghost #2
Start the Ruling House mission and get to the ending part of the mission where you are in an area with Russian written on the walls. In this room, explore around till you see a destroyed wall.

Jump through it and go the right to find the Ghost.

Ghost #3
After getting the first Ghost in the Ruling House mission, continue onwards to the final location where there is a large sphere in the center of the room. The section above it has the Ghost, so jump and ricochet around to reach and grab it.


Ghost #1
Start the Queen’s Ransom mission and carry it out until you reach the Jump Pad. Take it to reach the top of this new location. Immediately turn around and go to the edge of the platform, and then jump to the platform right ahead. Check around the back to find the Ghost.

Ghost #2
In the same location as the first Ghost in Venus, explore the area until you’re on the central platform. Jump across the vanishing objects, then walk around to the back. Check the corner to find the Ghost there.

Ghost #3
Yup, this ghost is also in the same area, on the furthest platform. Head to the far right until you see a flag, and you should be able to spot the Ghost beyond it.

Queen’s Bay, the Reef

Ghost #1
Head over to Brother Vance where you take part in Trials of Osiris, and go past him towards the wall opposite to his location. There is a ledge on this wall that is close to Brother Vance that needs to be accessed.

Turn right and go down and find a way to jump onto in order to reach that ledge. The Ghost will be waiting on it.

Ghost #2
Head over to Variks where you take part in Prison of Elders, and immediately go to the right. There’s something covered with a blue tarp, and another object on top of it. Jump on top of that object, then look to the left, and jump onto Variks’ hut to find the Ghost on the roof.

Ghost #3
Head over to the main area in Queen’s Bay. There is a platform underneath the main platform that needs to be accessed very carefully. Position your Guardian carefully and drop down onto the platform.

The Ghost should be waiting there.