Overwatch Gameplay Preview Shows Hanzo in Battle

After giving us an in-depth look at McCree from Overwatch, developer Blizzard has shared a new gameplay video showing Hanzo in action. The character looks incredible and judging by the video above, he is a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield.

The character is showcased in a match of Point Capture/Payload which is set on a map in London. Hanzo is a futuristic archer carrying a massive bow on the map. His standard attack includes launching an arrow at his enemy.

Players can swap his standard arrow in favor of a more destructive missile type. Moreover, there is a Sonic arrow that helps track the opponent across the map. Another one called the Scatter Arrow ricochets  for multiple strikes.

Hanzo’s most dangerous and useful ability is ” Dragonstrike” which releases spirit dragon that can go through walls and eat enemies in his patch. The only downside is that the dragon move in a straight-line.

Overwatch is in open beta but will be released publicly soon.