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Nintendo World Store Will Sell Almost All Wave 4 Amiibo

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Amiibo figurine from Nintendo are a massive hit in almost every territory they are released in. Due to demand, they are hard to find and fans have constantly reminded Nintendo of that.

The company has promised to improve things and to do better in terms of meeting demand. However, there still isn’t a place where you can just visit and purchase your favorite figurine without having to worry about its availability.

However, soon there will be a place where amiibo wave 4 will be available including retailer exclusives.  What place you ask? It’s the Nintendo World Store who has announced it will be stocking-up on almost all wave 4 figurine, plus retailer exclusives like the Silver Mario.

They also announced a limit one per character:

Nitendo World Store will also be selling the awited Silver Mario:

While this may seem like a great initiative from Nintendo, it still won’t get the majority of us a chance to grab our favorite Amiibo. That’s because Nintendo World Store in New York is the only one doing this, so unless you live in New York, you will have a hard time getting an Amiibo.