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Driveclub One Million Drift Points Trophy Glitch To Be Fixed in June, New Tracks May Be Coming

Driveclub developer Evolution Studios has released regular updates for their game, in order to fix issues and add plenty of new content.  The season pass  provided us with plenty of cars and tracks but as expected fans want more.

Game Director Paul Rustchynsky as we know is active on Twitter and is often seen answering fan questions regarding Driveclub. One of the fans took to the popular website and asked Rustchynsky if they plan on adding more tracks in the future.

In reply to this question, Rustchynsky stated that they currently aren’t sure:

He was further asked by a differint fan if they are looking to add difficulty settings to Driveclub.

Moreover, the other interesting thing is Rustchynsky hinting at new Photomode filters:

Lastly, those hoping to get rid of that annoying one million drift points trophy glitch, will just have to wait till June for an update:

Looks like support for Driveclub isn’t ending anytime soon. For those who want to know, there still isn’t much to go on regarding the free PS Plus version of the game.