Destiny House of Wolves Shadow Thief Strike Guide

The new Shadow Thief strike in Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion is set on the Moon, where you are tasked in killing a mercenary called Taniks.

It’s going to need good teamwork and perseverance, so grab the best Guardian friends and gear you’ve got, and get ready for a good 20 odd minute challenge.

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Destiny House of Wolves Shadow Thief Walkthrough

As soon as you land on the Moon, move forward and jump down the ledge to find two Shriekers. Take them out, but if you’re playing on Nightfall, head to the far away cliffs for protection against the purple orbs they release after dying, which can cause a lot of damage.

Head inside into the temple and straight to the objective mark. Turn around, then head down on the left and jump over the broken bridge.

Up ahead you’ll see the Fallen fighting the Hive through the door, and you’ll see Knights and Wizards as well. Take every one of them out in the large room, taking special care of the ones on the catwalk.

Jump down after taking care of the enemies, and head to the left and down the stairs. Up ahead you’ll find two Ogres and Wizards. Take out the Ogres quickly from a good distance, preferably from the base of the stairs, then move ahead and finish off the Wizards.

Once done, head to the left of the circular room and into the dark area up the steps. Illuminate the area and follow the path till you come at a room with a glowing structure in the middle and a few enemies. Kill the fallen here to make the boss appear.

Taniks is pretty aggressive and will move around quite a bit, but if you stay near the doorway and keep cover, you can get him down to about 80% health easily, after which he’ll use the glowing object in the middle to teleport away.

Stand in the middle of the structure yourself, and you’ll also be teleported to the next location in this mission. Once you’ve teleported, head to the left and through the door. Follow the path till you arrive at a large open area with various computer terminals.

Tread carefully in this open area and move forward from cover to cover, as you’ll be ambushed by Taniks and a few followers of his.

There will be snipers at the back of the room as well, so you should stay in cover at all costs to prevent from taking heavy damage. While at it, be wary of the stealth enemies and prevent them from getting too close to you.

After you bring Taniks’ health down to about half, he will disappear again. Take out any leftover enemies and move forward to the next area. You’ll come into another large area with massive pipes and additional computer terminals, and of course enemies.

A Wolf Walker will appear as well here, flanked by a couple of snipers and assisted by plenty of other enemies. As always, shoot its legs. This section on Nightfall is quite challenging, and you will probably need a Sunsinger in your team to survive it properly.

Stay defensive and take cover near the entrance stairs and pipes. The real threat here is from the Vandals that are quite hard to kill because of their positioning, but you should almost never expose yourself to the Walker tank.

Once the Wolf Walker is destroyed, you’ll have to face a set of Shanks and Dregs. Kill them, grab all the ammunition that you can, and once you’re ready head through the doorway straight ahead.

Don’t overrun it though, as Taniks will spawn right in front of you alongside some lesser enemies. Take out the lesser enemies and chip away a bit of health from Taniks, and he should retreat back, allowing you to move forward.

Head through the corridor and take care of the ambushing enemies. You’ll probably spot Taniks around a corner or so once – just shoot him and retreat a few times and he should move further back.

The final area of the mission is quite easy, but there are tons of adds to deal with alongside Taniks. It’s time to take out your heavy weapons and make best use of them, and hit Taniks with all your firepower.

He’ll keep himself exposed on the central platform for a while, which the perfect opportunity to dish out as much damage as possible. Eventually, he’ll teleport away from there and further back in the room.

At this point, fighting the adds becomes a necessity, especially if you are chasing Taniks. Don’t try to overcommit because you’ll be overwhelmed by the lesser enemies. Try to dish out as much damage to Taniks as possible while at least one of your allies takes care of the adds.

When Taniks’ health is very low, he’ll start teleporting quite a bit, so make sure you’re not in a area where you could get caught very easily. Stay in the entrance corridor if you have to, and chip away at his health with heavy weapons and everything else that you’ve got.

With enough persistence and careful positioning, Taniks will eventually be downed. That’s pretty much it for this mission! You’ll get some pretty awesome rewards, which you should take your time examining.