Destiny House of Wolves Petra Bounty Locations Guide

It’s time to go for some bounty hunting in Destiny: House of Wolves expansion!

Head over to Petra, and she’ll have various bounties on offer for you. These bounties will take you to quite a few distant places, and it’s very easy to get lost. Lucky for you that we’ve got the information to set you on the right direction, and suggest where you should be going.

Wanted: Howling Raiders
Patrol Venus, and head to the Ishtar Academy. You will need to head into the building on the left once you get to the fallen ship. The Howling Raiders will be on a balcony on the right when you enter the Hall of Whispers.

Wanted: Queenbreaker Vandals
Patrol Venus and head to the area where you would basically go for the Scourge of Winter story mission, where you kill Draksis. The Queenbreaker Vandals are on the large sailing vessel.

Wanted: Wolf Scavengers
Patrol the Moon and head into the Hall of Wisdom by entering the Archer’s Line and descending into the Moon. Once you’re inside, head to the left towards the shrine of oryx. You should find the Wolf Scavengers here.

Wanted: Mecher Orbiks-11
See our Queen’s Wrath Treasure Loot and Treasure Key Farming for this one. You’ll basically have to do exactly that, plus you get to farm and loot plenty of treasures this way.