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Valve Working on Hotfix For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hit-Box Bug

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still effected by a hit-box bug, where accurate fire completely misses the intended target.

I say still, because this issue was reported by players even when the game was first launched in 2012. However, considering how players usually react in highly competitive titles, the problem was swayed as more of a skill issue, than a technical bug.

Recently, though, a video surfaced where a player showed how direct fire at an enemy completed missed the player altogether. It didn’t take long for that video to spread like wildfire on the web, and caused developer Valve to finally acknowledge the bug.

“It’s being worked on,” responded Valve’s Matt Wood on a Reddit thread asking about a fix. He also stated that currently “we don’t have an eta” on the release of the hotfix.

Hit-boxes are set up on character models by developers and are used to determine the amount of damage done by enemy fire. Too small a hit-box and it becomes incredibly hard to accurately land fire on a moving enemy. Too large, and the job becomes too easy. In this case, however, a bug is causing the hit-boxes to ignore enemy fire.

Seeing how Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a hardcore and dedicated player-base. Valve should be releasing a fix relatively soon. In the mean time, players can debate online whether the reason they missed a kill was because of the bug or their shaky aim.