Star Wars Battlefront Developer Explains How “Photogrammetry” Helped Visuals

Star Wars Battlefront is being developed by DICE, who is paying a lot of attention on the game’s visuals. The development team wants to make sure their game looks as authentic and identical to the movies as possible. For this, they are using a technique called “Photogrammetry”.

The developer has shared some more details on how “Photogrammetry’ is helping them out in this regard. DICE said they visited Lucasfilm Cultural Arts Museum along with original Star Wars filming locations, capturing images of the landscapes and props used for the movies.

These images were then turned ( using photogrammetry) into “high resolution 3D mesh.”

Andrew Hamilton, lead environment artist said:

Photogrammetry is essentially the technique of processing still images to produce a high resolution 3D mesh. There are a number approaches to this, but they all involve taking photos of a subject in real-life and running it through photogrammetry software.

He further added:

Our ambition is that players will get the same feeling as we got from our trips: to really feel like they’re inside the movies when playing these iconic locations. Also, we want to open their eyes to new experiences and new planets.

Inside a movie? While we may feel like we are inside a movie but we may not feel like it’s much of a game, which, should be concerning for EA.

Some of the fans have been criticising the game for its lack of features and some 4chan trolls even decided to make fun to this situation in an embarrassing way.

Anyways, Star Wars Battlefront is coming out on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.