Shadowrun Hong Kong Teaser Trailer, Game Released in Summer

When a game sets its initial Kickstarter goal at $100,000 and manages to pull off $1,204,726 from the community, you know you have something really interesting to look forward to.

Harebrained Studios did just that back at the start of this year when fundraising for Shadowrun Hong Kong. The game is supposed to be a cyberpunk tactial roleplaying game set in 2056, and in the Shadowrun universe.

Got enough to get excited? Well, the developers wanted to be sure so they have released a short teaser trailer for the fans.

It starts off by boasting what the last two entries in the series have achieved and goes on to promise that Shadowrun Hong Kong will be an “all new, standalone Shadowrun RPG.” There is no real footage, but you can get the idea of the varied environments of Hong Kong that the game is going to show.

That being said, the official YouTube channel of the developers where the teaser trailer was uploaded also talks about preordering bonuses in the video description:

Pre-purchase now and get the Shadowrun Hong Kong Deluxe Edition for the price of the base game – a $29.99 value for only $19.99!

Shadowrun HOng Kong will be releasing in summers 2015.