Need for Speed Teaser Trailer Bears Amazing Graphic Detail

Pumping adrenaline at unexpected times and making those scary curves, finally we have a landing spot for the next Need for Speed game.

Developers, after teasing around with mere posts and images for a while, finally let out a teaser trailer some time ago – and it does not fail to impress.

Before this, they had confirmed two days ago that the reveal will come on Thursday. This was followed by an interesting screenshot that was shared on the game’s Facebook page hinting at “Speedhunters.”

Now, we have this super amazing, but tantalizingly lacking in gameplay details, teaser trailer that runs for just about 34 seconds (watch above).

Before someone shouts out otherwise, let me tell you that EA has claimed at the end of the trailer that all this footage was captured in-game. It even reads that this is “game engine footage representative of all platforms.”

If this is really what they are aiming for with the next Need for Speed, I am all up for the gamble!

For a longstanding videogame franchise that Need for Speed is, a good bounce back is what any fan wants; and I hope this is it.

Full reveal hits at E3 2015.