Just Cause 3 Players Can Use Vehicles As Weapons, Says Avalanche

If Just Cause 3 wasn’t destructive enough already, developer Avalanche Studios has now revealed that vehicles in the game can be used as a weapon in the game. That’s in addition to being able to use a wingsuit to fly around, having a grappling hook to zip around and more.

Vehicle are not only means of travel on the map, they can be used as weapons if you choose to do so. Game Director Roland Lesterlin explained this in an interview and said it’s all about creativity:

The game is about creativity. The car is another tool for you to mess around with – you can put a bunch of C-4 on a car and jump it into a base. That could be the beginning of your epic base attack.

There’s full deformation; hinged parts so cars break and parts move. The feel of it has a full racing engine underneath. We do shocks, downforce and things that you’d find in a full racing game.

Interesting, but perhaps the coolest feature was revealed by Design Principal Francesco Antolini. He said players can spawn a bike on the wing on an airplay and ride it off.

Just Cause 3 and all of its mayhem filled gameplay is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year. More details are expected to come-out of E3.