Destiny Trials of Orisis Event Timing, Rewards and Other Details

Bungie has shared details regarding the first Trials of Osiris event that is to be held in Destiny.

The event kicks off today o.e. May 22, 2015 at 10AM PST which is exactly four and a half hours away at the time of writing. Here’s what good old DeeJ is saying:

On Friday, May 22, at exactly 10AM Bungie Time (we’re on the West Coast), the very first Trials of Osiris will begin. If you crave more details, we have an event site set up for you right here on Read up on the rules, regulations, milestones, and other details that might help you emerge triumphant.

Other than that, DeeJ has also confirmed that a Trials of Osiris Challenge is going to be held on Twitch that will reward you with cash redeemable for charity.

In terms of rewards for the event itself, here’s what the developers of Destiny have already told us. The reward system depends on the number of wins you have made and for each increasing number of win, you get additional perks. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Two or three wins: A blue package that can contain Motes of Light, Passage Coins, and other items
  • Five wins: Ability to purchase the weekly armor
  • Six wins: A legendary package
  • Seven wins: Ability to purchase the weekly weapon
  • Eight wins: Ability to buy a legendary package

Do keep in mind that legendary packages are not going to bring you Trials of Osiris armor or Exotics, that much Bungie has confirmed although they failed to explain what else will the packages have.

So folks, buckle up for the first Trials of Osiris event that Destiny is bringing you, its only a little over four hours away so you better get those gears ready!