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Destiny House of Wolves Queen’s Wrath Treasure Keys Farming Guide

If you’re looking for some awesome loot from the new House of Wolves DLC for Destiny, there are plenty of ways to get them, but the easier method is to loot Treasure Chests in the Queen’s Wrath.

This is a repeatable event that can be triggered multiple times, and you’ll have to face the targets of the Fallen’s House of Wolves and take them down in order to get your hands on some goodies.

The best thing is that these treasure chests will actually give you Treasure Keys as well – albeit rarely, but they are the easiest way to farm them.

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House of Wolves Queen’s Wrath Treasure Keys Farming
What you want to do is gear up your Guardian, find another friend, and head for the Venus Patrol mission. Once you’re there, head to the left to the Ember Caves, which is an area you should know quite well about.

Take out a few fallen here and wait about till a notification above your ammo count appears, indicating the arrival of the Pack of Wolves.

Take out the waves of these wolves and the target will eventually appear. Take it out, and you’ll get another notification and a timer countdown will begin. At this point, you need to act swiftly and search for the chests. Split up if necessary.

All the chests here spawn in the open, which is why it’s a relatively easy place to farm. Once you have found the chest, rendezvous with your friend and head to The Citadel.

You don’t want to be going directly to the Citadel though. Instead, travel in that direction until it comes up on the lower left screen. As soon as it does, stop, turn around, and head back to the chest to find out that you can loot it once more.

You have to do all this while the counter is still ticking, otherwise the chest will have disappeared, even if you are standing on it and looting it. Be sure to use the speeder to get around quickly.

If you’re really fast, you can repeat this more than twice within the same countdown by going back and forth from the Citadel. Head to the Citadel when you’re done with the looting, and repeat this step as many times as you like till you have had enough of Queens Chests.