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Destiny House of Wolves Launch Got 105M Engrams Decrypted in a Day

A lot has been happening in the world of Destiny. What with the first Trials of Osiris being held today, the launch of the House of Wolves expansion and the effects of that launch.

We are talking about that last bit here.

You would know how engrams work, right? You get them, take them to a Cryptarch to get them decrypted and reap the benefits that could be anything from the long range of gear offered to you be Bungie.

Before House of Wolves was released, players were using the engrams to get their hands on the gear that was already available in the game – naturally – but we all know that HoW brought with it hordes of new gears.

So in order to try and get their hands on some of the new gear, Destiny players stockpiled many of the engrams and started getting them decrypted right after the latest expansion was unlocked.

This resulted in an avalanche of decryptions that piled up to 105 million in just the launch day! In other words, if the game’s Cryptarchs were in real life and doing this for real money, they would have become billionaires over night.

In total 11.2 billion in-game currency was spent on the decryptions!

That is such a massive figure that just this should be able to shut up any and all doubts people have in their minds regarding the life of Destiny among the gaming community.

Don’t you think?