Destiny House of Wolves How To Level Up Fast to Level 34

The House of Wolves expansion for Destiny brings with itself some new game modes and plenty of missions.

In addition to the core content, the DLC has also increased the level cap from 32 to 34, which means you also have the ability of increasing the Light of your Exotic gear.

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Destiny House of Wolves How To Level Up Fast

There are plenty of ways to do this, but sometimes leveling at such advance stages can be a difficult things. Here are a few tips for you to take note of to increase your level to 34 quickly:

Upgrade an Exotic Piece of Armor
House of Wolves comes with a mechanic that will allow players to upgrade their Exotic armor. With the new level cap, you’ll be able to upgrade your Exotic to a new Light cap as well. This should help you acquire your level 34 fairly quickly.

In order to increase the Light cap on an Exotic, you will need the following:

  • At least 1500 Glimmer.
  • 25 class materials: Hydronic Essence for Warlocks, Sapphire Wire for Hunters, and Plasteel Plating for Titans.
  • 1 Exotic Shard. You can buy them from Xur or acquire them by dismantling Exotic armor and weapons.

Complete the Story Missions & Bounties
This is something you’ll obviously be doing, but you should prioritize it after you upgrade your Exotic piece. Seek out Petra Venj in the Reef and she’ll give you various missions and optional bounties to do as well. Carry them out to acquire experience towards existing armor and weapons.

Complete Prison of Elders on Level 32
There’s a new arena called Prison of Elders that comes with House of Wolves. You should try and complete this at the old Level 32 cap to earn yourself a guaranteed Armor Core drop. However, in order to unlock the Prison of Elders, you will need to complete the story missions that come with House of Wolves.

Check out our Prison of Elders Guide for more information. Completing these three steps should get you to Level 33.

Complete Prison of Elders on Level 34
Once you reach Level 33, you can actually play level 34 Prison of Elders. For this though, your entire squad will need to be on Level 33, so make sure you share the info and help your friends.

Prison of Elders on Level 34 will be slightly harder, but with good teamwork and your share of experience, you should be able to complete it.

Obtain and Etheric Light Through an Alternate Character
If you have an alternate character from the same class as your main Guardian, you can really make leveling to 34 a more easier experience.

Simply transfer all your high-level gear to that character, and then run Prison of Elders like you did before on Level 34. After that, you can retransfer your gear back to the original Guardian along with the resultant Etheric Light.

If your alternate character is from another class, then you either have to wait till the next week for an Etheric Light or level that character up to 33 and perform the transfers.