All New Advanced Warfare Weapons, Gear Recapped in Trailer

Not that you would have grown tired of the new set of weapons and gear that Sledgehammer Games have released for you in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, but the developers thought it was a good idea to show them off with a brand new trailer.

The trailer is all about awesome shots being taken with the said weaponry, slow motion recaps of the events, heated gameplay clips featuring a vast array of gear and weapons, and so on.

Latest that Sledgehammer Games have done in this regard is the introduction of Royalty Elite weapons which standout thanks to their royal purple camo and beefed up stats. Then there also is the SAC3 sub-machine gun which received new variants too.

Before these, the special weapon M1 Irons was introduced in Advanced Warfare which brings with itself as many as ten variants. Around the same time new gear drops were also made a part of the game.

The video above is a short one minute 20 second clip so it won’t take much time for you to go through it. Check it out and tell me which of these multiplayer weapons are your favorite in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.