17-Year Old Lizard Squad Member Pleads Guilty To Swatting And 37 Charges of Harassment

If you are one of those who were getting sick and tired to Lizard Squad and them constantly trying to ruin your gaming sessions by attacking PSN and XBLA, the following news will please you.

One of the members of the notorious wanna-be hacking group Lizard Squad, has pleaded guilty to 23 charges of harassment.

The 17-year old from British Columbia, Canada was presented in the court of law, where he was charged with extortion, public mischief and harassment.

One local news report explained how this teenager primarily targeted young female video gamers and their parents.

The hearing took all day, during which it was explained in the courtroom that this teenager contacted female gamers via League of Legends and Twitter. If these female gamers refused to accept his requests, he will start harassing them by various means.

He often called the victim’s local police force and said the girl’s family is being held hostage, in an attempt for swatting.

He also posted personal information of people online and called his victim’s late at night. Moreover, one women from University of Arizona in Tucson had to drop-out due his constant harassment. Police raided the women’s house twice in the same week due to the teen’s swatting.

The Lizard Squad member later took to Twitter and proudly bragged about his actions.

He didn’t stop there, he put-up a livestream on YouTube showing himself performing swatting. Viewers reported him to the police during the Stream.

He is being held on remand for 169 days while a sentencing is scheduled for June 29.