Wooden Super Mario World Maps Are Impressive and Expensive

We all love Mario and everything from the little plumber’s universe; which is why some of us go a little farther that others in showing off that love.

These guys have made 18-1/2″ wide by 14″ tall maps of Super Mario World onto real wood! However, they are not a product of love alone, the designers are selling these beauties for $150 for each pack.

Interested in seeing how they look like? In that case we suggest you check out the gallery we have added below, it has six images of the maps. That being said, here’s what the designers are saying about it on their official website:

We grew up during a time when video games came with packed-in manuals. Sometimes, those manuals included a beautiful map of the world you were soon to discover. Our Woodlands series of laser-etched wood maps is a salute to those who love exploring in fiction and being immersed in the artwork that defines those worlds.

Our Woodlands maps are a collaboration with Alex Griendling, a very talented graphic designer based out of Minneapolis.

Well, sure they got that part right about manuals and beautiful maps. However, an actual wooden map for Super Mario World -even if it is just the Dinosaur Land – is something altogether different.

If your are a collector you might actually be thinking about spending the $150 on these; if that is the case, here’s the page where you can order the Super Mario World wooden maps for yourself.