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The Witcher 3 Performance “Sabotaged” by Nvidia GameWorks on AMD?

If you have a PC powered by AMD hardware you would have noticed that The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt drops framerates a lot more than it does on Nvidia powered PCs among numerous other performance issues. This has led to a blame game where AMD went on to say that Nvidia has completely sabotaged their performance with their technologies that were used in the game.

The context first. Project CARS originally brought up a squabble between Nvidia and AMD when the game’s PhysX technology was criticized for not supporting AMD leading to the latter complaining that they were “wanting an open and fair PC gaming industry.”

That was the past, but the two companies have been locking horn again in the case of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The game makes use of many Nvidia GameWorks technologies like HBAO+ and HairWorks which apparently drop teh frame rate by almost half when the game is played on AMD hardware.

Richard Huddy, the chief of gaming at AMD is known for being a vocal critic of Nvidia GameWorks and interestingly, it was him who categorically puts the blame on Nvidia for the bad performance of The Witcher 3 when using AMD hardware.

That’s an unfortunate view, but that doesn’t follow from what we’re seeing. We’ve been working with CD Projeckt Red from the beginning. We’ve been giving them detailed feedback all the way through. Around two months before release, or thereabouts, the GameWorks code arrived with HairWorks, and it completely sabotaged our performance as far as we’re concerned. We were running well before that… it’s wrecked our performance, almost as if it was put in to achieve that goal.

Even the developers recognize the issue as they have actually suggested Raedon users to disable HairWorks to maintain performance agreeing that “unsatisfactory performance may be experienced.”

Where do you see this heading? Who is right, who is wrong? Voice your opinions in the comments section below.