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Report: The Witcher 3 Bug Won’t Allow You To Save Manually On Xbox One

Developer CD Projekt RED took its time with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we had to suffer through a few delays with the hope of getting an ironed out game. However, it seems even though they did their best, some issues were left unattended.

According to fan posts on reddit and the official CD Projekt RED forum, they are having issues with game saves on Xbox One. Some users lost 2 hours, while others lost 5 hours of gameplay which apparently has something to with using the suspend/resume feature on Xbox one.

Using the suspend/resume feature is also leading to save file corruption.

Moreover, one user reported that the auto save feature wouldn’t work which resulted in loss of gameplay. He had to replay that section again and when he tried to save the game manually, a message prompted saying “you cannot save right now.”

Also, the problem seems to be affecting copies on Xbox One only as there haven’t been reports suggesting a similar problem on the PS4 or PC.

Developer CD Projekt RED is yet to comment or announce a hotfix for this issue. One user on Reddit offered a work around for data corruption by suggesting:

Make sure you delete the save from your console and try restoring it from the cloud. It worked for me. please try it before starting over!!!

Try it out and let us know if this works for you or not.

In related news, just yesterday we reported that CD Projekt RED has issued an apology over the korean language screw-up. The developer said they will soon add support as it couldn’t be done due to some unforeseen problems at launch. Read more here.