Overwatch “McCree” Gameplay Preview Released, Shows 13 Minutes of Action

Blizzard is really pushing its new online shooter Overwatch and they have shown some of the new characters we’ll see in the game. One of them is a medic while the other one is support.

Moreover, not too long ago  Blizzard  pumped-out another cool character for their upcoming game. The character in question is named “McCree” and is a gunslinger carrying an intimidating 6 round revolver. Oh and his revolver is called the Peacekeeper.

McCree is a cowboy with what looks like a metal arm and his abilities are shown in detail in the gameplay preview above.

The footage features a Paylord match taking place on Overwatch’s  Watchpoint: Gibraltar map. One of his abilities include rapid firing by cocking the hammer of his revolver. He also uses flash bangs and combat-rolls.

However, his most notable ability is called the  “Deadeye.” This allows McCree to go into focus mode and shoot rapidly at enemies in his line of sight.

The rest can be seen in the video above, so check it out and let us know what you guys think.