Need for Speed “Speedhunters” Teaser, Game Reveals Today

Okay so it is pretty evident that Need For Speed is going to hit back real soon now because the developers seem to be pretty eager with the hints.

A couple of days ago the official Facebook page of the racing videogame series started getting posts suggesting the fans to buckle up.

Now, only a couple of days ago they shared an image that take a closer look at a car’s tires. Yeah don’t get confused, what they did was that they shared an image of a car on the Facebook which looks super cool except for the fact that we don’t think looks were the only reason why it was shared.

If you take a closer look, the car’s tire reads “speedhunters.”

Make what you want of that, but we are not too far from finding out right from the mouth of the official sources. two days before this, the developers had also suggested that fans subscribe to their YouTube if they wish “to see the first look at the return of NFS” which they confirmed is going to be on May 21.

Now that we are almost there, it wont be too long before we get a video.

Are you ready for the next chapter?

Posted by Need for Speed on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

That being said, check out the “speedhunters” teaser image above and tell us if you think that the return of Need for Speed could reignite the “Underground” scene? Or is it just me with my wishful thinking?