Latest Dota 2 Update: UI Changes, Nexon’s South Korea Matchmaking Region

In the recent days, all the talk relating to Dota 2 has either been in connection with The International 5 and the compendium, or the new updates that Valve Corporation has been releasing on regular intervals.

They just added another – albeit small – new update to that list couple of hours ago. It went live on May 20, and will attend to a few matchmaking issues and some improvements to the user interface of the game.

The patch notes for the latest Dota 2 update are fairly short, just two lines of explanations into what has been fixed or added. Here they are in full:

  • Nexon’s South Korea matchmaking region is now available to all players.
  • The client UI now displays creep health with full accuracy based on the server values.

While that is the official changelog, the community is reporting bits and pieces that have been moved over at the main client. For instance, Regional Qualifiers Prediction pages have been added to The Compendium, and also that Collar of the Frost Lord being missing from the MLG treasure chest has been fixed.

Under the item drop list, Brood Hunter Bundle has been removed and the Undying Tombstone HP has been corrected. There also are slight changes to the audio, notes and tooltips.

That’s about it for now, but as far as the previous updates are concerned you can head here and here to read up on them.

Is there any thing else that you have noticed after the Dota 2 update went live? If there is, do let the fans know!