Final Fantasy XV is “Biggest Evolution,” Puts JRPGs Back on Map: Square Enix

We all know that Final Fantasy XV is going to be big, cheerfully innovative, and one of the bigger steps that the franchise has taken so far.

However, this is taken to a whole new level when the developers of the game come together to talk about it. Square Enix held a community event in London recently where many of the game makers were present including, surprisingly, Hajime Tabata himself,

The Square Enix Japan community manager, Dan Seto takes us through the event in a video that was released by the development studio, and through it, they are making interesting claims.

Seto started off by saying that Final Fantasy XV was “a very, very big, very important game for [them],” and continued:

Its probably the biggest evolution and revolution of the entire franchise. We want JRPGs be back on the map like they used to be, we want to be able to make this an incredible game.

The rest was a part of the event itself but Tabata, the legendary game director took time out to talk about the game separately too.

He insisted that the real reason why he jumped in and surprised the fans was because the development team really wanted to connect with the community and gather invaluable feedback that only such close-tied events can bring; most importantly how the dedicated fans perceive Final Fantasy XV.

Check out the video above for more on the event and the game.