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EA Star Wars Domain Registered By 4chan Users, Let The Battlefront Trolling Begin!

Star Wars Battlefront is without a doubt one of the most anticipated games of the year. Fans have been waiting for a Battlefront game for years so excited and expectation is (was) high.

However, many feel that the new game isn’t what they were hoping for. Surely, the game looks spectacular in terms of its visuals, but when it comes to features it fails to impress.

While fans have been pretty vocal about this, some users of 4chan took things to a whole new level. They registred domain along with and have started trollingg EA in way that make you luagh and feel sorry for the company at the same time.

The most embarrassing part for EA is that they use “EAStarWars” as their official Twitter account, but somehow failed to register the domain for EA Star Wars? It’s really odd.

The links you see above will take you to pages created by 4Chan trolls and on these pages you will find the following information, but it’s presented differently on each page.

EA Star Wars

There’s more:

EA Star Wars (1)

The most hilarious part of this can be found on Along with the information, you will hear a song playing on the background called “come, sweet death.”

EA is yet to comment on the situation and I find it hard to believe they will have much to say for this. Still, if a statement is shared, we’ll let you know.

Till then, let us know what you think of this in the comments below.