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Bloodborne Patch 1.04 Coming on Monday, DLC News Soon

Remember how everything was awesome with Bloodborne except for the excruciatingly long load timings? Well, being the good development studio they are, From Software had fixed those problem by a fair margin in the last update that was released to the game i.e. patch 1.03.

It has been less than a month since, and apparently the developers have their eyes set on another bunch of issues that they plan to take down in the base game very soon.

Game producer Masaaki Yamagiwa took to his official Twitter profile with announcement that Bloodborne is going to get patch 1.04 in four day’s time i.e. on Monday, May 25.

The tweet was in Japanese and since I am no good at that, I have had to rely on the online translations in order to get to the facts.

Alongside, the release date confirmation for the patch 1.04, Yamigawa also thanked the community for their support and linked a post by Shuhei Yoshida’s about the upcoming DLC to state that the developers were currently hard at work on the expansion. He added that fans should keep an eye out for more updates on that now.

That being said, have you come across issues with the base game that From Software should fix with the upcoming update? Also, what does the game miss out on that the upcoming DLC should add in terms of content? Voice your opinions below and lets see if the developers of Bloodborne think like the fans of their game or not.