Batman Arkham Knight Live Action Trailer is Inspiring

The month of June is going to be highly exciting and fun for us gamers. We will witness E3 where some of the biggest and more anticipating announcement will be made. On top of that, just a little after things cool down after E3, we are getting the final chapter of the Arkham trilogy, Batman Arkham Knight!

If excitement wasn’t already through the roof, developer Rocksteady has shared with us a brand new live action trailer for Batman Arkham Knight. The footage inspires us to show courage in the face of fear, be selfless and in short be the Batman.

Batman Arkham Knight will feature some of the most notorious villains including Scarecrow, Riddler and a new challenger for Batman named Arkham Knight.

Batman will have his hands full but thankfully, Nightwing and Robin will be at his side. As I said, this is the last game in the Arkham series and it will be interesting to see where Batman goes from here.

Will a whole different series be created for Batman, or Rocksteady will be out in charge of the long overdue Superman game?

Batman Arkham Knight hits stores on June 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.