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Rock Band 4 Wants You For Its Live-Action Trailer Shoot

There’s a live-action trailer being shot for Rock Band 4 this week, and there’s a chance that you can be featured in it.

In a new blog post, developer Harmonix has detailed how interested applicants can sign up to be immortalized in the upcoming trailer. The video is going to be shot between May 21-23 in Seattle, and those interested in seeing themselves on the big screen have to simply send in a photo of themselves to

Make sure that you include your full name, and the dates on which you will be available. You can choose to commit to all three if you want.

Upon being selected, the casting agency will contact the applicant and inform them about the kinds of clothes to wear for the shoot.

The live-action trailer is going to include crowd scenes, but may need a few extras for additional slots. Participants will be required to sign an NDA prior to the shoot, since you may pick up a few hints of what’s coming to Rock Band 4.

Lastly, all applicants need to be 21 or older to take part. Those chosen for the shoot will also be paid. The exact amount, though, has not been disclosed.

“Participants will be paid AND receive endless bragging rights,” said Harmonix.

Rock Band 4 is scheduled for release later this year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.