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Microsoft Launches TV Tuner For Xbox One

Microsoft has today launched a new Over-the-Air TV Tuner in North America, which basically connects to your HDTV antenna and allows you to access TV channels on your Xbox console.

The device works similar to any other standard TV box and more. Xbox One owners can watch TV while playing their games, by simply snapping the window to the right side of the screen.

Based on your zip code, Microsoft will automatically bring up a TV guide listing to help you choose your programs. Users can pause live TV for up to thirty minutes, and also issue Kinect voice commands to control its various aspects. There doesn’t seem to be any recording feature, though, and users might find that a bit disappointing.

Microsoft’s TV Tuner is available for purchase from the Microsoft Store for $60. Since it requires an antenna to get started, users who don’t have one can choose the bundle offering from Microsoft which includes both the antenna and device for $99.99.

From over-the-air TV to industry-leading apps, we’re thrilled to deliver a variety of entertainment experiences on Xbox One side-by-side with your gameplay. Grab your TV tuner today at participating retailers and start watching Over-the-Air TV on your Xbox One.

Lastly, the company advises all who are interested to first visit to check which channels are available in your respective areas and find the HDTV antenna that’s right for you.

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Source Xbox Wire