First GTA 5 Superman Mod is Finally Here, Watch Video

Okay so we have known of Superman as a regular visitor to the GTA world, may be he has another secret castle here, but this is the first ever GTA 5 Superman mod.

So there are a few things that you need to know. First off, this is the modder’s first attempt so be nice! Secondly, it is only the first GTA 5 Superman mod and if the history of the series is any evidence, we are bound to get more.

That being said, this mod “replaces Trevor with Superman” but the face of the character is pretty messed up. The modder says it is a “mix between Franklin, Micheal and Trevor” and adds that “it just happened.”

See if he is right?

This is the best i can do by changing existing 3d models and editing textures only! Once we have the ability to edit and add 3d models I will be able to make a better one. Use a flying mod to to make him fly!

Excited? Check out the video above to see how exactly does it look like in the game and tell us if you could do better.