Destiny: House of Wolves Trio Completes Prison of Elders at Hardest Settings Just Hours After Release

Destiny’s second expansion pack, House of Wolves, was released yesterday, and with it brought the toughest challenge yet for players to complete.

Within hours of its release, a trio of players have already successfully broken through the new Prison of Elders mode on its hardest settings, level 35. Bungie would have to think harder about ways to stop this onslaught from completing whatever challenges the developer throws, in record time.

The three-man squad was led by Sunshadowr, who previously was hailed for completing Destiny’s Crota’s End raid solo without firing a single bullet. Not only did he complete the mode at its hardest level 35 settings, but did it with his team that were all just level 33. You would think he knows something about this game that the rest don’t.

Prison of Elders is the game’s new endgame cooperative Arena mode, where teams of three players take on waves of enemies that increase in difficulty with each turn. Successful completion results in players being rewarded with high-level legendary and exotic items.

You can watch Sunshadowr’s run in the video above.

Destiny: House of Wolves is available now on all platforms. It’s included with the game’s Expansion Pass or can be purchased separately for $20.