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Destiny House of Wolves Trials of Osiris Builds and Team Strategy Guide

Trials of Osiris is a new Crucible game mode in Destiny’s expansion House of Wolves.

The mode is mainly an Elimination-styled 3v3 against other Guardians, but it built around team-play and selflessness, as all personal rewards are diminished, and there is more emphasis on teamwork and collective success.

The more wins you have in Trials of Osiris, the better the rewards will be, so obviously to get the best rewards, you’ll want to team up with two selfless friends and form a formidable side. However, you should expect your opponents to be doing the same things.

You gain access to the Trials of Osiris by acquiring a Trials Passage. This is rewards to players for questing with the House of Wolves. After your first Trials of Passage is unlocked, you can buy subsequent ones later on for 100 Glimmers.

It is important to note that while in the Trials, there is no scoring for kills, assists, or objective clearances. Whatever you do doesn’t matter if your team doesn’t win.

This is why dedicating an entire build for Trials of Osiris is a recommended idea, as is playing with formations to allow your team to strike the necessary balance to achieve consistent victories. We cover both Builds for Trials of Osiris and team formations in this guide.

Destiny House of Wolves Trials of Osiris Builds



  • Tripmine Grenade
  • Triple Jump
  • Golden Gun à Gunfighter
  • Throwing KnifeàKnife Juggler
  • Path Forbidden
  • Scavenger
  • Way of the Nomad
  • Over the Horizon

Stats Priority

  • Discipline
  • Intellect
  • Strength


  • Radiant Dance Machine
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine

Gunslingers with great accuracy are extremely vital in Elimination, and thus very important for Trials of Osiris.

Tripmine Grenades with the Young Ahamkara’s Spine can get them to be effective for 25% of the total round’s time, which is extremely lethal once you get to know the structure and key locations in the map.

For a squishy Gunslinger with light armor, try to opt for Battle Recovery and toughness as much as possible, but if you have enough defensive firepower in the form of a Defender or Sunsinger, you can opt to go for agility instead, and be the frontal force if your allies are okay with taking suppressing fire.

Agility matters a lot in Trials of Osiris, which is why the Radiant Dance Machine is actually not a bad idea.

The absence of any defensive maneuver from a Gunslinger can be overcome with offensive prowess, and if you’re good enough with dodging, you can certainly turn the tides of a battle by frustrating the opposing team with your clever strafing.

The Talent choices are self-explanatory for the highly competitive game mode, with Gunfighter being the preferred and only sensible choice given the short average time span of the rounds.

Over the Horizon will also allow you to shoot from safe distances without any range penalty on your Golden Gun.



  • Flux Grenade
  • Double Jump àBlink
  • Arc Blade à Razor’s Edge
  • Blink Strike à Escape Artist
  • Path Forbidden
  • Way of the Drifter
  • Fleet Footed & Hungering Blade / Shadowjack and Stalker

Stats Priority

  • Intellect
  • Discipline
  • Strength


  • Radiant Dance Machines
  • Lucky Raspberry

Bladedancers generally don’t do too well against an organized team of three, but if you want to absolutely cripple an opponent Defender, it’s recommended to have one in your squad. The thing that a Bladedancer is best at is running into the opponents’ territory, which is very risky in Trials of Osiris as the general consensus is to stick close to one another.

However, Bladedancers excel at finishing off final opponents, especially if you decide to opt for the Shadowjack & Stalker combo.

The powerful Razor’s Edge strike is also excellent for disrupting a Defender’s bubble. You will however need a highly skilled and mobile Bladedancer behind the controller to get the most out of this class in this specific game mode.

For Exotics, going with Radiant Dance Machines seems to be the best idea, as It will offer tremendously fast speed and dodging, something Bladedancer players will love. That, combined with the Arc Blade and the potential of the sub-class during close-ranged combat make is an extremely worthy Exotic to have.

Another good alternative is Lucky Raspberry. Having an extra Fusion or Arc Bolt grenade after being revived will be a real surprise (and very big headache) for any opponent.



  • Flashbang Grenades
  • LifeàCatapult
  • Fist of HavocàShockwave
  • StormfistàAmplify
  • Titan Codex III & V
  • Headstrong
  • Unstoppable

Stat Priority

  • Discipline
  • Intellect
  • Strength


  • The Armamentarium
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi

Strikers are extremely intimidating as they are, and in Trials of Osiris a good striker build can really help your team dominate a match. The real trick though is to learn to use the advanced Lift sub-talent and Fist of Havoc in tandem.

Depending on the map, you want to go for either Increased Height (for lots of ledges and platforms) or Catapult.

The former works brilliantly with Death from Above, while the latter is optimum with Shockwave to catch unfortunate foes in an almost guaranteed one-shot kill.

Obviously, as the Striker you’ll be in the frontline, leading the pack as you’re flanked by a Sunsinger and Gunslinger, which means you’ll need maximum battle recovery and toughness.

Speed isn’t a priority, but you should try and get yourself in advantageous positions to land FoH whenever possible.

Flashbangs are probably one of the most effective grenades in PvP, and their practicality is increased two-folds in small team fights like the ones in Trials of Osiris. With the Armamentarium Exotic, you could start off with two of them and end the match before the opponent has any time to settle down.



  • Magnetic Grenade
  • Lift àIncreased Height/Catapult
  • Ward of Dawn à(Personal Preference)
  • DisintegrateàUnbreakable
  • Titan Codex I & IV
  • Bastion
  • Illuminated

Stats Priorty

  • Intellect
  • Discipline
  • Strength


  • Crest of Alpha Lupi
  • The Glasshouse

Defenders are one of the most tactically flexible classes for Trials of Osiris, and having one in your team tailor-made to facilitate the strengths and weaknesses of the other two allies is a huge perk.

If your teammates are slightly defensive and lack the necessary firepower, having a defender with Weapons of Light is absolutely necessary. Conversely, if you’re playing with a highly offensive team that is rather squishy (think Gunslingers and Sunsingers), you can use Blessing of Light instead.

Providing your team members with the WoD is going to give most Trials of Osiris opponents a real headache, but you have to be careful against the likes of enemy Fist of Havocs, Arc Blades, or Nova Bombs.

It’s best to use the Ward of Dawn as a tactical choice instead of using it as a prime housing station for your entire team.

The Glasshouse Exotic is tailormade for the Defenders, and allows extra mobility and effectiveness for your team, and can be a great way of nullifying the potential of vulnerability after a Nova Bomb of FoH from an opponent.



  • Axion Bolt
  • Glide àBlink
  • Nova BombàShatter
  • Energy DrainàLife Steal
  • Arcane Wisdom & Ancestral Order
  • Annihilate
  • Bloom

Stats Priority

  • Intellect
  • Discipline
  • Strength


  • Voidfang Vestments

Voidwalkers are absolutely lethal with their offensive Talents, but fall slightly short as far as defense is concerned.

It’s usually a good idea to play a Voidwalker with a smart Defender because of this reason, and it’s a very good idea to play a Voidwalker to completely take the opponent Defender out of the match as whole.

The bread and butter is obviously the Nova Bomb and it’s Shatter enhancer ability. With the correct timing, you have the potential to take out the entire squad, especially since you’ll be using Bloom to facilitate it.

You want to play as the burst-damage character, the sniper of the team who will search for openings to completely end the match, especially when it goes into Overtime.

Your abilities are further complemented by the very useful Axion Bolt, which when combined with the Voidfang Vestments will allow you to use them multiple times at the start of the match.

Make the best use of this, and blast your opponents with perfectly placed and timed Nova Bombs while your Defender takes care of your defense, and the other opponent goes all-out.



  • Fusion Grenade
  • GlideàFocused Burst
  • RadianceàFireborn
  • ScorchàFlame Shield
  • Ancestral Order & Arcane Wisdom
  • Radiant Will
  • Gift of the Sun

Stats Priority

  • Discipline
  • Intellect
  • Strength


  • Heart of the Praxic Fire
  • Voidfang Vestments

The Sunsinger is an extremely powerful and capable class for Trials of Osiris because of the ability to revive through Radiance. That, along with the natural support-aspects make it tactically vital, especially if you’re playing with a more offensive unit (Striker and Gunslinger).

The Fusion Grenade seems to be the best choice, especially if your aim is good, but the core of the built is to make sure you and your teammates live through the Elimination battle. Radiance with Fireborn thus becomes the obvious choice, but you can further empower it by using the Heart of the Praxic Fire.

As a support-oriented character, you want to have maximum toughness and speed to go about, but your priority should always be to stay slightly near the squishier teammates, ensuring that you can revive them (possibly after reviving yourself).

Sunsingers also make excellent clutch teammates, as they can completely turn the tides of a seemingly lost round through their resurrection.

Team Formations

Defensive Formation – Defender, Gunslinger, Sunsinger
For a defensive, more refined formation, a team of a Defender, Gunslinger, and Sunsinger is recommended. The Defender can boost the effectiveness of the team with a Ward of Dawn with the Weapons of Light upgrade can really aid such a team greatly.

The Sunsinger will be the clutch player, and more of a support, aiding in reviving while taking use of the Fireborn upgrade from Radiance for crucial moments.

You should also equip such a Sunsinger with a shotgun as a secondary, allowing you to take out opponents in close-quarters when it goes down to 1v1 or when you know you can utilize the Reborn and take out remaining enemies.

The Gunslinger will be the main offensive powerhouse, but will have to be guarded regularly by the Sunsinger or (ideally) Defender. A veteran Gunslinger with an improved accuracy Golden Gun will greatly deliver.

It’s a team that will require close tactics and great individual skills, but it is also one that is will allow you to stay alive with grit and perseverance.

The Counterattacking Formation – Voidwalker, Striker, Bladedancer
If you want to use your weapons primarily for suppression and counter-attack an aggressive team, this formation will suit you greatly. All three players in such a team are capable of turning the tables against a side that overcommits, because of the sheer lethality of the Supers of each of the three classes.

Voidwalkers will need time to build up their super, and despite staying deep can complete annihilate a marauding team with Shattered Nova Bombs.

Bladedancers can use their Arc Blade upgrade Razor’s Edge to disrupt unbreakable Wards off of opponent Defenders, while Strikers can look for great opportunities to land terrorizing Death from Above FoHs.

The team works best as a late-round infiltration unit. Once the Supers of all three are ready, the Striker can counter by initiating with a Flash Grenade or two, after which the Voidwalkers can Bladedancers can go for a quick kill.

If anyone is left standing, a good FoH should put them on the ground.

The Aggressors – Striker, Defender, Gunslinger
The Aggressor formation is probably the most balanced formation of the three, but it is susceptible to counters from above-mentioned counter-attacking formation.

With a capable and battle-hardened striker, a long ranged Gunslinger, and an adept Defender, you’ll have everything you need to put constant pressure on your opponents.

The Striker can act as the infiltrate and be the frontal force while the Defender and Gunslinger attack him. The added perk of Flash Grenades and Ward of Dawn (Weapon of Light) should allow you to have a strong start in every round.

Just be careful not to overcommit though, especially if the opponent team has a Voidwalker. Gunslingers prove vital in this, because they’ll be in charge of the long-ranged shooting while the Striker takes them on fully.

Like with almost all teams in Trials of Osiris, you will need to stick close, but that also means that you might find yourself overcommitting. Make sure you move towards the enemy step-by-step to not fall in their collective trap.