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Destiny House of Wolves Prison of Elders Walkthrough Strategy Guide

The House of Wolves DLC for Destiny brings with itself plenty of new game modes, and one of them is the exciting arena called Prison of Elders. Sure, it’s not a Raid, but it is intense and highly challenge, requiring precise tactical and team play from a group of three.

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Destiny House of Wolves Prison of Elders Walkthrough

Prison of Elders will test your mettle with randomly generated enemies and random objectives that will need to be fulfilled while you fend off some of the meanest criminals in the Destiny universe.

Our guide will help you with some tips and general strategies that should make Prison of Elders more manageable.

Preparing for Prison of Elders

Firstly, it’s important to know that Prison of Elders is mostly randomly generated. This means that in no way can you properly define the enemy structure of the game. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t determine how it’s going to play out.

Despite the random generation, Prison of Elders has a few consistencies that you need to look at, and prepare your Guardian and allies accordingly.

Weapon and Ammo Diversity
The first and most important thing to do is bring weapons of various varieties, and ammunition of varying elements.

Because of the random nature of the enemies, there’s every likelihood you’ll encounter scenarios in which a wide set of elementals are required. Thus, it is important to load up with as much ammo, and as many diverse weapons as possible in your squad.

Preparing Your Guardian
On an individual level, you’ll need a good build that works in tandem with teammates. We’ve got some good suggestive builds in our Trials of Osiris Guide for every sub-class, and although their application is PvP, they are primarily designed to encourage team and role play.

Specialize Your Roles
Speaking of role, it is of the utmost importance that your team is diverse and specialized.

Going in with three Defenders might seem like an attractive idea, but you’ll very likely to come across scenarios where you need speed more than defense, or other scenarios where you need lots of spike damage instead of simple shooting around.

Avoid going in with a team that consists of multiple players from a single sub-class. Try something like Defender, Sunsinger, and Gunslinger to strike balance through specialization instead. This way your teamwork will be optimum, and you’ll be able to deal with every kind of threat.

Coordination is Key to Success
Matchmaking can get you some pretty good teammates, but it also has the potential to get you lousy trolls. The mode is best played through proper communication, which is why the three players need to have a mic and constantly come up with strategic planning.

Assign yourself and your friends specific areas in an arena, and spread out, yet staying close enough to provide cover and aid in case things go bad. Coordination is extremely important in Prison of Elders.

Additionally, make sure you coordinate what to bring to the arena before the start of the match. You don’t want everyone to have similar sticky-type grenades. Instead, plan out according to the roles you’ll be playing, and choose your equipment according to the arena.

Learn Your Environment
While there is random generation involved, Prison of Elders is comprised of four areas that represent the different alien races you encounter in the game. Save for the boss fights and certain levels, at the beginning of every wave you should take a good look around.

All three of the team members should explore the area, then meet at a common point, and quickly determine which area will be held by a specific player. Identify the spawn locations and best areas for cover and recuperation.

Again, it’s important not to sway too far off from one another, as you’ll likely be needing help every now and then.

Prison of Elders Objectives

In every game, aside from dealing with the hostile threats of the enemies in the arena, you will also have random objectives that will pop up. Conveniently, there are three objective known so far.

Have each one of the team members be the ‘lead role’ for each objective, while the other two provide covering fire and assist that player. This will allow you to be extremely efficient and prevent any confusions amidst the heat of the battlefield.

The three objectives are:

Destroy the Bomb
This objective is pretty simple. Bombs will appear in fairly visible locations within the arena. You have to locate it and shoot it.

Diffuse the Bomb
This objective will actually require two steps. The first step is identification, which is when your team should split up. The next step is to diffuse the bomb once it is located. If you have found the bomb without much heat from enemies, then you can simply stand on it and wait for it to diffuse.

However, if there are enemies around, ask your team members to come and provide covering fire. We all know that standing still even for a few seconds in Destiny is pretty much equivalent to death.

Eliminate the Targets
One of your team members should be carrying a heavy weapon, and it’s him/her who will be playing the lead role when this objective is announced. Immediately ask that player to take out their heavy weapon, and then support them in eliminating the designated targets.

The targets usually spawn close together, so heavy weaponry will do most of the work, while the other two can support the heavy weapon wielder and kill of any remaining foes.