Top Celebrity Based Mobile Games

You’re bored, and Candy Crush saga is becoming excessively mainstream. You go on the internet and you read about Britney Spears releasing her own game in partner with Glu Mobile, the famous mobile games developing and publishing firm.

You think to yourself, “Hey, let’s check out some other good celebrity games.” Well, I’ll extend my arm, put my hands on your shoulder and sigh deeply. “There isn’t any really good celebrity based game my friend,” I’ll say.

It’s true for the most part, but there are actually a few celebrity based games that can be more entertaining than others. Most are downright awful, but you’ve probably heard about how Kim Kardashian’s iOS and Android game really helped Glu Mobile make some solid money.

Yeah, there are actually some celebrity games out there that have that capability. You have to search hard and long, dip deep into the celebrity garbage to actually find a half-decent one, but when you do, you’ll kind-of-sort-of-vaguely-hopefully enjoy it, I hope.

We’ll make that searching easier for you by telling you about a few celebrity games that are a little more bearable than others. If you find yourself addicted to one other than the ones below, you should know I won’t judge you, good friend.

Do share with fellow casual gamers like yourself though by leaving the title of the game (and it’s platform) in the comments section below!

Julius Styles: The International (iOS)
Wesley Snipes seems to have disappeared. Just a decade or so ago he was the most badass dude out there, and he’s quite well known for his roles in Demolition Man and the Blade movies (don’t talk to me about any of the sequels).

Snipes endorsed a game of his own with his voicing in it, in which you play a guy that shares Snipes’ caricature. You’re an agent of some organization who plays with the world economy by doing stuff like hacking, talking, and more hacking.

The 2D game has a nice art design and a half-cooked story, but you’ll soon be frustrated with the touch controls and certain hack puzzles.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (Android & iOS)
Okay, I have no idea how this game made so much money, but it did. One of the most overrated celebrities around released her game with Glu Mobile and it proved to be mighty successful. It’s perhaps on game that will greatly attract most girls – even those who loathe the Kardashians.

A decent but typical, cartoonish art design and your usual load of popularity nonsense actually shows the reason why it became quite popular. You get to create your own Hollywood star, and pretend to live the life of a celebrity.

Once your mobile runs out though, you better sit in a corner and figure out what you’re doing with your life.

Bear Grylls: Survival Run (iOS)
Yeah, it’s the same guy who is famous for eating live frogs and drinking his own urine. Bear Grylls has had to do all kinds of weird stuff to get famous, but the survivalist has the skills, and is likely to outlast most of us when a zombie apocalypse arrive.

His iOS game sadly doesn’t pit him against any zombies though, and it’s more or less just a reskin of the famous endless runner Temple Run. Granted there’s a few new challenges, with Bear Grylls looking like he’s high on cocaine.

The jumping around, sliding, and other obstacles are a nice change from Temple Run, so you might want to try it just for the sake of experiencing that game but with a urine-drinker in it.

PocketWarwick (Android & iOS)
If you don’t know Warwick Davis, then shame on you. He’s one of those celebrities who suffers from dwarfism, and he’s appeared in famous movies like Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Harry Potter films.

Yup, he’s Griphook, and he’s a pretty nice fellow. He’s come on Top Gear as well, and he has a funny bone or two in him. His game is pretty foolish, but it’s entertaining nevertheless. It’s almost like a ‘pet’ game, except the problem is you have to look after a pretty spoiled and mischievous Warwick.

If you want to kill some time and have a few laughs, it might actually be a fun game to play. After all, this is the only game amongst the four we’ve mentioned that actively tries to be stupid instead of just turning out to be.