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The Witcher 3 Keys from GMG Reported as Invalid by Buyers [UPDATED]

After the number of complaints regarding The Witcher 3 keys sold by GMG being marked as invalid started to increase we got in contact with Tracey McGarrigan, the Head of PR and Communications at Green Man Gaming and asked her to clarify GMG’s position with regards to the issue.

McGarrigan refuted all claims for the illegitimacy of the keys and clarified that all of them are valid; however, the retailer has had a problem with the automatic email system matching keys with emails that apparently resulted in the issues that people are facing.

Here’s the official statement given to us:

We have had an issue with our automatic email system matching keys with emails. All keys are valid and anyone having any issue should contact our Support team who can help them.

So yeah, GMG is confident that you have nothing to worry about and the issues you are facing with the keys are going to be resolved by their support team.

For everyone who is having this issue, do tell us if your problem persists despite contacting their support team.

Original Story:
Green Man Gaming aka GMG is generally considered as a reliable source to go to when you are purchasing videogames. However, a couple of days ago questions were raised at their credibility when The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt developers issued a statement saying that copies of the game being sold by them were not coming from them and that users should avoid buying from them.

This was countered by the GMG officials in a statement where they said that the game copies they sold are legit because they had bought them from other third party vendors that had been authorized by CD Projekt Red itself.

Whether the community sided with GMG or CDPR on the matter, there was a risk that the keys could turn out to be invalid and apparently that is exactly what has happened.

We have picked up complaints from the PlayFire forums where some the customers who bought The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt from GMG say when they tried to activate the game at GOG it didn’t let them do so stating that the key was invalid:

I just received my Witcher 3 Pre-Order key via email, tried to register it on to begin the download, and I just get the error “Invalid Code.” Tried on galaxy and the website and tried copying the code from the email and the website, it’s all a no-go. Looks like I’m going to be applying for a refund or I need a new code from [GMG].

Not just that, there are a few other fans who even went on to say that they have not even received a key from GMG although the game has already been released – and we are talking about people who pre-ordered the game in the last couple of days.

We have reached out to Green Man Gaming for a comment on The Witcher 3 keys issue and we will update you as soon as we get a response.