The Witcher 3 is Facing Crashes and Performance Issues

One of the biggest release of the season, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt went live at 1AM CET – just a couple of hours from now. However, just like it is with virtually ever other game, CD Projekt Red’s Polish-ed (pun intended) game was not free from crashes as well as a horde of performance issues.

Issues that are currently being widely reported include game crashing that occurs randomly and not on specific points in the game; also these crashes do not get fixed by changing the game’s settings. In short, your progress is not stopped but it is marred by annoying crashes every now and then.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is also facing chopping when the camera transitions as well as low frame rates in the cutscenes. To worsen the situation, these low frame rates are not tied with the place where the scene is taking place (indoors or outdoors) which suggests that something is wrong with the coding.

Moving on to optimization issues, frame rates are dropped by HairWorks, shadow quality and foliage distance. AMD GPUs are more prone to thee former.

That is not all, some issues are present over PC, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One like overlapping audio voices, quests being broken and camera sensitivity issues.

All these issues are hopefully going to be addressed by CD Projekt Red in the future updates, but until they do so, the game remains below par.

That being said we have written up an extensive guide about The Witcher 3 Crashes, Crash Fixes, Errors, Performance, FPS, Stuttering, Flickering and Fixes that are currently established. Check it out for more help.