Scrapped Doom 4 Footage Shows What It Could Have Been

A new video from the now axed Doom 4 has been shared with us online. The video shows what this  game could have been, but sadly we will never be able to see this take on Doom.

The footage was originally posted on Doom World and shows the game id Software worked on before 2012. While the game doesn’t look very “Doomy,” it would have been interesting to see a new take on Doom. The footage shows a mix of Rage, Gears of War and may be a little Killzone as well.

While that combination may sound amazing, Bethesda nor id Software was happy with it.

It just didn’t feel like Doom to them!

According to id Software’s Tim Willits, there wasn’t a single thing wrong with the game but many.

It wasn’t one thing. It wasn’t like the art was bad, or the programming was bad. Every game has a soul. Every game has a spirit. When you played Rage, you got the spirit. And [Doom] did not have the spirit, it did not have the soul, it didn’t have a personality. It had a bit of schizophrenia, a little bit of an identity crisis. It didn’t have the passion and soul of what an id game is. Everyone knows the feeling of Doom, but it’s very hard to articulate.

According to a report, the footage was created by Blur Studio and is a part of a never released trailer for Doom 4. The old Doom wasn’t what developers were aiming for, but fans will be happy to know that a new Doom is in the works. In fact, a new trailer is already released with a promise of a full reveal at E3 next month.