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NHL 16 Coming In September, Featured Revealed By EA

EA will release a new NHL game this year in September and according to the official website, that went live earlier, NHL 16 will only be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meaning no last-gen installments for this one.

Before the website could go live, many of the game’s features were leaked online, which were confirmed by the website later on.

One of the main features is the return of EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL). The online team mode is getting reworked and “and lets you choose specialized player classes to deliver a balanced competitive experience on the ice.”

Your skills and how you play as a team will determine whether you win or lose.

NHL 16 will  feature a 6V6 online team play and the goalie can also be player controlled. You can play using real-life NHL roster and compete in ranked drop-in matches with teams from across the globe. Private matches are also supported.

Another one of its exciting features is “online couch co-op.”

The perfect way to play when you and your friends want to jump on the couch, join forces and play some drop-in hockey online. It’s the best place to practice your team play skills before playing OTP or EASHL.

Other features include “Be a GM,” “Be a Pro” and more. You read about them over at the link provided above.