M. Bison Joins Street Fighter V Roster With New Trailer

The dictator is returning to Street Fighter V and is doing so with some new tricks up his sleeves.

A new trailer released earlier in the day by IGN, gives us the first look at M. Bison and also a good feel about his new play style.

The long running antagonist of the franchise now has some sort of purple miasma reeking off his normal attacks. He is now also able to absorb projectiles and deflect them right back at the opponent as a purple energy ball.

M. Bison’s improved psycho powers give him access to some neat tricks, like launching his opponents in the air, and landing on them while they are lying flat on the ground.

Street Fighter V is in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will feature support for cross-play, which means that players can play with each other with disregard to what platforms everyone has the game on. This fantastic feature should be there for more games, and hopefully other fighting franchises – Mortal Kombat – will take hints for future releases.

Street Fighter V is tagged with a release date in 2016. Official licensed peripherals have been promised by manufacturers to arrive before that.